Sentey Warp LS-4420 Over-Ear Headphones Review


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4.3/5 on November 30, 2015 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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919 reviews


  • Great design for gamers
  • Foldable
  • Good price
  • Sound quality


  • Cord doesn’t have an inline microphone


Sentey Warp LS-4420 can definitely be recommended for all gamers who are looking for a well-designed pair of headphones that is comfortable, affordable, and good-sounding at the same time.

Finding a good-sounding pair of gaming headphones that are not overpriced can be somewhat difficult. Manufacturers are aware that enthusiastic gamers are willing to spend big bucks to get the best performing gear and they often take advantage of this. Sentey Warp LS-4420 approach things from a different angle and promise a good value with a sleek design.

Design and build

Sentey Warp LS-4420 are characterized by their red and black color combination that is very popular among gamers. Their design in fairly minimalistic and elegant with a heavy usage of shiny plastics and comfortable padding. The large ear cushions managed to accommodate ear of all sizes without any problems.

The headphones can be folded for easier transportation and high-quality metal joints offer a good durability. The cable can be detached and replaced with any compatible 3.5 mm audio cable. It doesn’t come with an inline microphone, however, most gamers prefer to use their own stand-alone mic anyway.

The only negative is how easy it’s to get fingerprints on the shiny finish. The best practice is to grab the headphones by ear cushions and avoid touching the plastic material altogether.

Sound quality

A high-quality gaming headphones should be able to reproduce sounds in a simulated 3D space with a great accuracy and have good response across the frequency spectrum with a slight emphasis on lower frequencies for explosions, gun shots, or the sound of the sound of powerful car engine. Sentey Warp LS-4420 deliver without any compromise.

Their large 40mm Titanium-Plated drivers offer a maximum of 100mW output and gaming with these headphones on is simply a pleasure. You can hear every little detail and precisely figure out where you enemies are. Music of varied genres also sounds fantastic.

What is in the box?

Sentey Warp LS-4420 don’t really come with any accessories at all. All you get are the bare necessities – a manual and the removable cable. You can purchase their branded hard-shell carrying case as an extra option for just a little over $10. If you plan on transporting these often, you should definitely spend the extra money.

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