NoiseHush I7 Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones Review


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4/5 on March 6, 2016 Reviewed by: Mark Torrent

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278 reviews


  • Sturdy build
  • Comfortable
  • Very good noise cancelation
  • Above-average sound quality


  • Small soundstage
  • Recessed mids


Honestly, we wouldn’t expect $100 noise-cancelling headphones to perform as good as the NoiseHush i7 did. The overall sound signature was pleasantly laid back and we never experience any signs of listening fatigue. The headphones are able to reduce noise so much that you won’t have any problems focusing on your work or enjoying music to the very last detail.

Noise-cancelling headphones are earphone are in great demand, but their high price puts them out of reach of many people. The NoiseHush i7 Active Noise-Cancelling Headset promises the same performance as headphones that cost 3-4 times as much. Read more to find out if there is any truth behind this claim.

Design and Build quality

The predominantly plastic build of the i7 headphones is simple but strong enough to support heavy daily use. The headband has a support metal band inside, which enhances the overall rigidity without adding too much extra weight.

The design is quite similar to headphones by Sennheiser. The silver and black combination looks professional and will suit most people no matter where they intend to use these headphones. The shiny plastic part shows fingerprints, so it’s a good idea to keep a microfiber towel in the included carrying pouch.

We have found these headphones to be very comfortable, thanks to the use of genuine leather for earpads and the headband. Under the leather is a high-density memory foam, which conforms to the shape of your head and greatly reduced the perceived pressure. Plastic hinges allow cups to swivel and fold. It’s even possible to detach the cable and use the NoiseHush i7-12174 headphones solely for noise-cancellation.

The left earbud includes an on/off switch for the noise-cancelling functionality, and a button that allow you to control music playback and volume. There’s also an integrated microphone to allow for phone calls or voice commands through your smartphone.


The NoiseHush i7 Active Noise-Cancelling Headset packs a pair 40mm neodymium drivers that provide a frequency response of 30 to 20,000 Hz. The bass is very controlled and delivered in precisely timed bursts. Both mids and highs are rather and contribute to the warm sound signature characterized by the complete lack of any sibilance. Listeners of hip-hop may found vocals to have less impact compared to other headphones, but this is something that can be corrected with almost any equalizer.

The noise-cancelling circuit is powered by two AAA batteries that last up to 120 hours of continuous playback. It’s advertised to reduce noise by up to 20 dB, and we can confirm that even a relatively loud street noise is reduced to a non-distracting hum. When you run out of battery juice, you can still keep listening to your music and even enjoy a good amount of passive noise isolation that will help you stay focused and not get distracted from whatever you find yourself doing.

What is in the box?

The headphones come with a hard-shell travelling case, detachable cable with 1/8″ (3.5mm) connector, a 1/4″ stereo adapter, and a dual-plug adapter that will come in handy during airplane travel.

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