How to Wear Headphones Properly

How to Wear Headphones Properly
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Have you ever seen a clickbait title saying that you’ve been wearing your headphones the wrong way probably your whole life?

Well, even though it sounds cheesy, it might be true. And no, this post is definitely not a clickbait article.

We’re just trying to say that there are high chances you could take a bit of action to get a better fit that will make your daily headphones use a bit more comfortable.

Therefore, all you will find out in this post is the information that will help you make the fullest use of your headphones.

A Number of Different Ways to Wear Headphones

Believe it or not, there are sources that claim there are 3 different ways to wear headphones. What do we think? We think that there might be 3 different ways, but there are endless combinations and preferences that come along the way.

As hard as it can be to understand, people actually get confused and questions whether they wear headphones correctly. We can’t blame them, right? We all know that feeling when you buy your new pair of headphones and the period of you getting used to them.

That’s why even some of the biggest brands such as Bose has a dedicated page to explain the best way to wear your headphones.

Now, every pair of headphones are different in build, quality, and even in the material. One thing we all can agree to is that you should always correctly get the L and R (as in left & right) side before proceeding to find your perfect fit.

On-Ear & Over-Ear Headphones

For on-ear and over-ear headphones, you should first match correctly identify the left and right side, and place the ear cups directly over your ears. The headphones should be lined 90 degrees with your head and you can adjust them any further to get the most comfortable position. Although, this might take a few tries so don’t worry about it too much.

We recommend you to play with the sizer that comes with every pair of headphones, no matter if they’re over-ear or on-ear. This will help you fit the headphones perfectly around your head and no matter what is your head shape – you’ll always be able to find a great fit with the customization available.

In-Ear Headphones & Earbuds

When it comes to in-ear headphones, it’s where it gets a bit tricky for some people. In-ear headphones aren’t exactly the same as earbuds. Earbuds are placed in a way where they hang from the crevices of your ear-folds. While in-ear headphones are directly inserted in the ear canals.

Therefore, you should start by gently pushing the squishy tip in your ear hole. It’s not about pushing it as deep as it goes yet instead placing it comfortably inside your ear canal.

Some people find pulling the earlobe down as fitting the in-ear headphones inside very helpful, so we highly recommend you give it a try. Once the earlobe is released, it creates a better seal which will improve the use of the in-ear headphones.

What we find additionally to be very helpful are a few accessories that often come included. For example, in-ear headphones come with different ear tip sizes while earbuds come with hooks for easier attachment.

Not every solution will be a great fit for your needs, but keep in mind that at least one technique will help you get the most optimized headphones position.

Why Should You Wear Headphones the Proper Way?

We know that a lot of people will overlook this topic and have comments such as “why does it even matter” or “is it even that important”. However, yes, we think that it’s really important and as you can see, we’ve written a full post about it to help people out.

While you might not have any problems, there are lots of people who need help to find the best fit for their new headphones.

And no matter what type of headphones do you use, it always takes a bit of time to get the perfect fit right.

Have you ever had found yourself constantly adjusting your headphones or even having to catch them as they’re falling off your head or out of your ears? These are just some problems that occur if you aren’t wearing your headphones properly.

The harsh truth is that some type of headphones such as earphones, don’t find everyone. Especially not without the ergonomic silicone tips. But they could fit everyone if people paid attention and didn’t give up after a few tries.

There are plenty of benefits such as headphones not falling out of ears, being able to do sports since some ways offer better cable management, and ultimately, having the most comfortable experience. There are people who wear headphones for hours due to work or any other needs and that’s why it’s important to get things right from the beginning.

Wearing headphones the proper way won’t only offer a more comfortable way of use, but it will stop any previous problems such as your ears hurting. Also, we agree that giving the proper way a try will offer much more versatility.

Meaning, once you try some of the proper methods we’ll describe below in this post, you’ll have a great starting point which will give you plenty of options to adjust and find your perfect fit.

How to Properly Wear Your Headphones?

Everyone will have their own preferences, but when it comes to the headphones type, ignoring the individual models – we have a few different ways to wear your headphones for the best efficiency.

With everything being previously said in this article, let’s jump straight to it.

Checking the Sides

Of course, the first thing to do might be self-explanatory, or even shouldn’t be explained – but we believe it should be mentioned.

There is no person who had always go the right and left side correct. Even we have mistaken the sides on a pair of headphones we use for a long time now. It’s possible to make a mistake, no matter how much experience you have with headphones.

Most headphones, in-ear headphones, and earbuds are marked with L & R on each side, suggesting the left and right side. If there were no markings, we wouldn’t be able to tell for sure which side is which and that could create problems.

However, if you have mistaken the side and you try fitting the headphones and even adjusting them to find your favorite fit – it is a wrong road you shouldn’t be on.

Fitting the Headphones

Depending on the headphones type, you’ll want to start by placing the headphones in your ears or over your ears.

If you’re using on-ear/over-ear headphones, make sure to place the headphones over the middle of your head and right on the ears. Then use the available sizer to adjust the height and fit the headphones to your head shape.

But if you’re using in-ear headphones, you might want to pull down your earlobe before fitting the headphones in. When you’ve fit them in, release your earlobe as it creates a seal.

And if you are using earbuds, you might want to start with situating the cable first as it could play a huge role in this type of headphones.

Situating the Cable

If you’re using on-ear/over-ear headphones, you won’t have a lot of available positions to situate the cable. We recommend to put it wherever you find it the most comfortable.

However, earbuds fit depends on the situation the cable correctly first. Instead of letting the cable hang down your ears, reverse the earbuds by lifting the cable in the air and then place the earbuds in place.

After you’ve done that, simply put the cable around your ear and then pull it down behind your ear.

Creating Your Personal Fit

Once you’ve correctly fitted your headphones, you shouldn’t give up if the fitment doesn’t feel right. You should give it some time, or play around with the fit and find & create your personal favorite fit.

With on-ear/over-ear headphones, you can adjust the height sizer again, move a bit the position of the upper band that rests on top of your head, or even manage the cable if it’s too heavy on one side.

For in-ear headphones or earbuds, you might want to play with the fitment inside your ear canal and ear in general as it would be a great place to start finding your personal favorite fit.


We like to think that there is no wrong or right way, but actually, there is a wrong way sometimes. There are many right ways and as we said earlier, the options are endless.

It’s up to you to start with the basic instructions to correctly fit your headphones and then play around using your intuition to find the personal fit.

But keep in mind, the more you pay attention to it and the more you stress about the fit, the harder it will be. Instead, make a change, leave the headphones in, try to forget about it and use it for some time to see if you truly like it or not.